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Educate Orphan Children
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About Pakistan Sweet Homes:

Pakistan Sweet Homes is primarily a home for orphan children who have lost one or both their parents where they are being provided boarding, education, co-curricular and recreational facilities.

Pakistan Sweet Home was started as a project of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal in 2009 when a single child from Swat, KP during operation against terrorists, was handed over to Mr. Zammurd Khan and today with the blessings of Almighty and support from the donors and sponsors; the Pakistan Sweet Homes has been able to establish 37 centers in all the four provinces of Pakistan, Gilgit and Azad Jammu Kashmir. Still a large number of orphan children are on the waiting list, which can be brought into these facilities with your help.

What Pakistan Sweet Home wants to do?

With active support form donors and sponsors, Pakistan Sweet Homes want to reach every poor orphan across the country and improve their quality of life and provide them best education.

Children residing at Pakistan Sweet Homes are enrolled in on campus education facilities, which include Montessori, Primary and Secondary level schools with total 33 teachers.

Also children are enrolled in partner schools of Pakistan Sweet Homes, which are: -

1. Siddeeq Public School

2.    2. Head Start

3.    3. The Educators

4.    4. Several other renowned schools

Pakistan Sweet Homes tries to advance the rights of orphan children regardless of their tribe, race or religion.

Why do Pakistan Sweet Homes need your support?

Annual cost of providing education to a single child is PKR.30,000/- (Approx. USD 273), which covers school fee, books, stationery, uniform and school bag so this fundraiser is created to meet the requirements of quality education for 200 orphan boys and girls. PKR. 6 million (USD 54,500) is one-year requirement for 200 children.

- Is Pakistan Sweet Homes a registered organisation?
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- Is Pakistan Sweet Homes a registered organisation?
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Pakistan Sweet Homes

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